Anyone remembers when Marlene Farrugia’s bill was rejected outright by Labour?

Marlene Farrugia

Does anyone remember when Marlene Farrugia presented a private member’s bill in parliament to decriminalise abortion in 2021? Her bill was unjustly criticised by Labour’s squalid intelligentsia such as Dominic Fenech who lied about Labour decriminalising abortion in the 1980s (that was ridiculous), and Carmen Sammut, the University vice-rector who argued that Marlene Farrugia’s “timing was incorrect”. Then a year later a woman nearly died in hospital because she was refused a life-saving abortion. “Incorrect timing” – squalid pseudo-intellectuals, more like it.

Today, the Labour Party is on the same plain as the Nationalist Party with regard to civil liberties, a remarkable and rare feat in history. Congratulations Robert Abela. After all, we always considered Robert Abela a Nationalist until he became leader of the Labour Party because actually and in reality he was never a Labour Party activist – he is also lying about being involved in his father’s leadership campaign because even there he was rarely if ever seen. Robert Abela clearly and surely was never a volunteer of any sort with the Labour Party and his past contribution is probably more negative than 0.

Back to our topic, the Labour Party has throughout its political history been the harbinger and purveyor of civil liberties, starting from the vote for women after the Second World War, decriminalisation of sodomy and homosexuality in the 1970s and the introduction of contraceptives and so on and so forth. In the 1980s, Labour descended into authoritarianism and liberalisation with regard to personal liberties had taken the back seat. Under Joseph Muscat, the Labour Party extended its liberalization programme starting from a campaign in favour of divorce legislation. It sounds ridiculous having to write this but we did actually have to campaign to introduce divorce just around a dozen years back.

Once again, Labour is entering an authoritarianism phase and inevitably civil liberties will also take the back seat. Politically, the historical trends are similar even if contextually different. During this phase, anything progressive that will come out from Labour is literally forced onto it by direct public pressure – not even the MPs and its internal factions are capable and influential enough to pull off a particular success. Meanwhile, gay marriage will remain the banner by which they abusively portray themselves as the party of progress.

It’s all so very tiring and fake. It’s no longer politics. We are literally fighting to force a Prime Minister to decide on crucial matters of life and death and Robert Abela understands only the politics of money and power – once he loses money and votes he will cave in to any demands.







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