Shopping in Rome while the Premier-husband solicits gas pipelines

Since we are discussing Malta’s foreign policy and Robert Abela’s recent trip to Italy, it is worth mentioning that Lydia, Robert’s wife accompanied her Premier husband on the private jet to Italy only to spend the five hours of the visit shopping in Rome. Lydia also took their daughter with her.

Of course, the trip on the private jet was paid for with public funds.


  1. Well some of us travel in private jets for some hours of entertainment, others have to drive at snail pace around Burmarrad to get to the seaside (wearing swim suits not suits of the blazer type fitting to inaugurate a dog friendly beach) because the road to Salini is still closed and work is understandably slow moving if at all when it needs to be done in sweltering heat. Some of us are driven on time to examination centers in cars with GM plates. Others are late and miss the exam because of said roadworks. But that’s Maltese society. We live in our close minded bubble, rant but then vote them back in.

  2. So, on the incoming flight, being heavier, did the plane consume more fuel than the out going?

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