If Rosianne Cutajar disagreed with Labour’s abortion bill she could have called for a division of the House: she didn’t

Rosianne Cutajar

Rosianne Cutajar is the only Member of Parliament who has stated her opposition against Labour’s regressive abortion bill, yet when asked why she didn’t ask for a division of the House to be able to vote against it, she said she didn’t attend the meeting in Parliament. Of course, she didn’t. She kept her seat in Parliament because it gives you a free stipend without the need to show up at work. She still refers to other Labour MPs as her “colleagues”. 


  1. Well I guess the replies above sorted out her rant. This abortion law fiasco has shown once again how close-minded Maltese society is. We depend on inept “politicians” to make law. Many MPs have abysmal intellectual prowess and yet we allow them to dictate how our society is shaped. If you can’t have technocrats in parliament, then your only other option is asking the people to vote in a law via referendum. And the abortion issue is a text book example. A complex issue which was handled in the worst way possible by people who’s understanding of facts of life is that of a teen eagerly waiting for the biology teacher to explain reproduction. The abortion issue needed explaining. Political polarisation should have never taken center stage. Yet here we are. In a far worse state than before. But that’s labour for you. Keen to look popular but being rubbish otherwise. The people need to be given the tools to understand such complex issues. They also should read, read and read. And once you do this, ask them what should be done in a referendum. Oh and in this case, if you’re male or not of fertile age you should not be deciding for women, full stop.

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