A textbook example of pathetic clowns

Malta has an Animal Rights Ministry which is basically another prop for Labour politicians to take bribes from lobbyists and hold press conferences to promote themselves (Alicia Bugeja Said is funded by a top tuna kobbyist in Malta, Azzopardi Fisheries). Nothing meaningful ever comes out of this ministry. The Ministry for Animnal Rights is also currently in the process regularising illegal zoos.

The Ministry also has two separate Ministers – Anton Refalo who is Minister for Agriculture and his Junior Minister who is Minister for Animal Rights, Alicia Bugeja Said. So, that’s two ministers for animals and the Ministry is already useless.

So, this is what they do. They decide that a beach is designated as “dog-friendly”. Apparently, you can’t take your dog to the beach in Malta unless the Minister decides that the beach is “dog-friendly” – but you can take portable speakers and sound systems and play loud music wherever you like, including on the beach.

Once the Minister and his Junior Minister decide or approve to designate a beach as a dog-friendly beach, they announce their decision with a press conference on the beach.

It’s like absurdist theatre, really – the kind of play I would watch at an underground London bar by a troupe of unemployed experimental artists. It’s all an extravagant abuse of power, of course. Corrupt Ministers using public funds to promote themselves on every little thing, but it’s not just that. You also have to be mentally retarded to be a Minister and act this way.


  1. Here in Malta you are classified successful only if you deliver a grand spectacle about your achievements, even if mediocre or petty.

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