The politics of a criminal organisation

If you were still in doubt about whether the Labour Party is a political party or a criminal organisation you may look at this clip provided by MaltaToday. On the issue of abortion, all the MPs are as usual provided a text written for them by Aleander Balzan, the Prime Minister’s chief propagandist, and all of them are obliged to stick to it. They are not allowed to have personal opinions on any matter, of course, so they all have to repeat the Prime Minister’s lies.

What a bunch of useful idiots. There was a time when the Labour Party used to call out this deeply offensive way to do politics, now they have become Malta’s biggest frauds. Not even one of them does the decent thing and expresses a point of principle or even some mild criticism. And this is even rare in Maltese politics, considering the Nationalist administrations always had their fair share of black sheep who commented and raised their concerns and opinions.

If you still have delusions that the Labour Party is genuinely working for “progressive”, this may be the ideal time to jump ship. The Labour Party is no longer a political party – it is a cult and a criminal organisation.


  1. When did the Labour Party particularly in government permitted or tollerated any of its members to speak out his/her mind?

  2. Yes, the Maltese Labour Party is about as liberal and progressive as the Soviet communist party under Stalin. At least Robert Abela has not yet resorted to dispatchimg his detractors to gulags, for now.

    In truth, I don’t know how Labour MPs wake up in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror without vomiting all over themselves. How can one completely subjugate ones identity to another person, an ignorant one to boot?

    It is time for Malta’s Second Republic. The first one is broken beyond repair.

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