The Malta Gay Rights Movement should consider pulling out of Euro Pride in solidarity with women

If the Malta Gay Rights Movement has any dignity left, it should pull out of the government-sponsored Euro Pride in solidarity with women. The Maltese government is using the Euro Pride festivities to promote its progressive narrative, simultaneously as it passes laws that criminalise abortion and put women’s health in danger. Rebecca Buttiġieġ the same Labour trophy-politician of progressive credentials finds no conflict in defending Labour’s horrid abortion law and promoting a Gay Pride event because of course, she’s a useful idiot.

The local LGBT community should take a strong stand in favour of women, and many of them are women anyway. Doesn’t this affect them? Is MGRM comfortable being used as a government prop? I hope the people at MGRM are asking these questions and having these discussions because they will look like idiots if they go to any press conference with Rebecca Buttiġieġ considering what’s going on.

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