I expect this kind of theatre to be called out every single time from now on

This is not something I am happy to do. I very much respect David Casa for calling out the government in my defense in the European Parliament when the police charged me for publishing NuxellinaLeaks, but I am also very happy to be consistent on the issue of abortion given the gravity of the situation.

David Casa has pronounced himself against the decriminalisation of abortion in Malta and has expressed himself accordingly on his social media pages. This is one of the times when politicians need to start dropping their theatre and take some risks for the sake of others. If we can’t look out for each other as a society on basic human rights issues, how are we to navigate our political relationships? Simply, by cold-blooded calculation? Come, on, does anyone have any humanity or empathy left?

David Casa’s Nationalist Party constituents are conservative and “pro-life” so he is pandering to his own crowd when he promotes the unreasonable and misogynistic diatribes of the “pro-life” lobby, but David Casa’s moral views are not the same as those of his constituents and he surely doesn’t personally agree with the law as it stands today or as it being tabled by the Labour government.

The gay community has had its fair share of attention and legislative reform and rightly so, but as a community with a history of marginalisation and discrimination, it should be supposed to be able to empathise with women’s current situation in Malta. I expect a much stronger stance from the gay community in Malta in favour of women, and we shouldn’t be celebrating our rights and privileges when others are being denied theirs.


  1. Are you serious Mark in your remarks about the gays being in favour of abortion? What sense is there in your assertion that the same persons who struggled so hard and succeeded to adopt children are on the other hand in favour of the killing of babies whom they are so eager to adopt?

    • Because women should not be forced to be an incubator for other’s to have babies if they do not want to. Childbirth is traumatic and in some cases so is pregnancy. If a woman does not want to be pregnant she should not be forced to.

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