This is Labour Party damage control

I can confirm that the story fed to Saviour Balzan by the Labour Party on George Vella’s opposition to the introduction of abortion is fake, and is part of a wide damage control campaign by Labour Party activists who are blaming everyone for this horrible bill in order to defend Robert Abela.

It is true that President George Vella told Robert Abela that he wouldn’t be signing a law that would introduce abortion, but this doesn’t force the government’s hand. In such a case the President would have to resign and George Vella’s tenure is going to end soon anyway. He could have resigned earlier and the government would have gone along with the bill by next year. Parliament is going into Summer recess so the timing could still be reasonable for an introduction of a new abortion bill even if George Vella stays until the very end of his Presidency. The other lie that is being propagated is that this bill was presented by Robert Abela and he was very brave to do so – this is untrue. This bill was originally forced onto Robert Abela and the cabinet by the Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister, Chris Fearne and then it was changed on Robert Abela’s instructions.

Robert Abela is an infantile idiot and a coward. Instead of stepping up and taking responsibility, he is conducting a propaganda campaign to look good after he tabled a horrible bill on abortion that will put women’s lives in danger. I know that Robert Abela is told what I write apart from logging in to the website himself, so read this and for once, try and do politics in an honest and reasonable way. I’m sure you will be offended by this message, as always Robert. Bloody child.

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  1. No, the bill does not putting women’s life to danger, instead the bill saving the innocent new life. The three doctors independently and quickly can decide on the wellbeing of both; the mother and the baby.
    I admire you, but not on this Mark.

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