Making things worse for his own sake

There have been in the history of politics many different leaders with distinct aims and personalities and we often categorise them by their legacy. We judge leaders and their performance by what they leave behind, but some we categorise as downright evil, narcissistic, stupid, and totally incompetent and there is little analysis to be made about their performance because they had none.

A dumb and narcissistic leader who is popular in historiography is Roman Emperor Commodus who ruled from 180 to 192. Commodus was so narcissistic he fought weak men in the gladiator pit so that he could look tough to his audience, proclaimed that he was Hercules, plundered the imperial coffers to spend on festivities, bribes, and gifts to his friends, and wrecked the economy resulting in massive food shortages. Historians don’t have much to analyse about Commodus’ economic and political designs because he had none and did nothing other than improvising his way for his own narcissistic sake.

Today, Malta has its own Commodus – a narcissistic, self-indulgent buffoon who thinks he is a hero for sending people €100 cheques to their homes by post – he even brags about it as Commodus did to his audience of plebs, telling his audience that had he not been in power, the people would starve and remain in poverty because they wouldn’t have a government that sends them cheques.

This is the stuff of revolutions, and in fact, Commodus was assassinated,  yet history in Malta is always retarded. Sometimes, history is even regressive, thanks as well to the narcissistic leader that drags down the country simply for his own personal sake. This is after all the story of Robert Abela – the man who became Prime Minister only thanks to the direct succession of the seat of power as handed to him by his previous master, Joseph Muscat. Kind of like inheriting the imperial throne from your father, despite being totally stupid and absolutely narcissistic. Indeed, even Robert Abela’s behaviour is perfectly fitting to this description.

So, this is why Robert Abela has the face to say that he implemented a historic bill when he actually made things much worse for women. The imbecile can’t get it right even in the most basic of stuff, yet he is narcissistic enough to proclaim victory and goodwill when there is no victory to be found. And he has no goodwill. He only has his own personal interests at heart. He is ruining healthcare, the economy, our culture, and our environment and he manages to do so only because he is plundering the national coffers and paying off the economy. Eventually, the money will run out and we will turn back on each other and ask, but who did this? The answer is in front of us all the time.

To perform in politics means to leave a positive legacy – to leave your community or your nation better. Robert Abela is wrecking the country. His toxic waste spreads to every sector and corner of our society infecting its victims and causing direct deterioration.

In the sector that I am directly involved in, Robert Abela is wrecking hard. Malta is falling behind the Press Freedom Index, Robert Abela is introducing an authoritarian law against free speech, and top local journalists are slowly quitting the industry. The young and upcoming talented journalists are leaving for PR and more lucrative sectors. In every other sector our government is involving itself in, there is wreckage. Miriam Dalli posts for press conferences propagates “Project Green” and spends millions of Euros on her upcoming political allies while the actual environment continues to get wrecked.

Many of us are furious at what Robert Abela is doing to the country and to our way of life, and although Labour doesn’t have a majority, we also know it will take a lot of time to build a decent opposition and rebuild the country. It will also take some time to convince many people of goodwill in Labour to realise that they are operating in a criminal organisation and that the country needs a different government and different direction. We are basically paying the consequences of Joseph Muscat’s “get out of jail free card” and the consequences are the wrecking of our country by Emperor Commodus.



  1. “Protest is when I say this does not please me. Resistance is when I ensure that what does not please me occurs no more.” – Ulrike Meinhof

  2. So Commodus misruled and (mis)reigned for twelve years.

    Do not despair, fellow countrymen.

    We’re almost there.

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