A message from John Christmas, author of “KGB Banker”

The action and suspense in ‘KGB Banker’ aren’t just for thrills. At the core is a fraud racket that is really happening in Europe today. I know from direct experience because I was the whistleblower when the assets of Parex Bank of Latvia were embezzled and losses were put to unknowing European taxpayers thanks to a fraudulent deal between the Latvian government and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Also, I have information that sister bank Ukio of Lithuania was looted and the Lithuanian government and EBRD organized a fraudulent deal to cover up that scam as well.

Parex and Ukio were closely connected with Vladimir Putin’s money laundering. This meant originally providing platform money-laundering services to Putin’s Tambovskaya Mafia and later channeling money to Eduard Khudainatov and Sergey Roldugin who are known to hold assets on behalf of Putin.

Also, while this was going on, many Parex employees and clients moved to ABLV Bank of Latvia which helped loot Ukraine, loot Moldova, and transfer money from Azerbaijan to 17 Black. Yes, a specific connection to Malta. ABLV is now ‘self-liquidating’ partly by selling assets to the EBRD. Another cover-up to stick taxpayers with losses?

So far, nobody from this mafia has been prosecuted and most of the perpetrators are living in Europe openly enjoying the loot despite promises from European Commission Executive Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis (he launched unified anti-money-laundering for the European Union) and Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins that Europe is cracking down on Putin’s money laundering. Is this because Dombrovskis and Karins are the same people who organised the EBRD cover-ups in Latvia?

Somehow the Maltese government (and other European governments) remain duped. Maltese taxpayers fund the EBRD. The EBRD helped Latvia and Lithuania falsify their national debts to enter the Eurozone at the same time they transferred billions of euros to Putin’s money launderers. And, once inside the Eurozone, Latvia and Lithuania issued billions of euros of bonds. The largest investor in the bonds is the European Central Bank. Maltese savers and taxpayers are getting bashed again and again.

My goal with ‘KGB Banker’ is to thrill readers. And there is another goal: raising awareness that European governments aren’t doing what they say they are doing. Can Malta be the first to address this problem? Malta can quietly ask the EBRD to buy back Malta’s shares. Malta can probably get out of the EBRD scam without global investors noticing. Or, Malta or any other country invested in or victimised by the EBRD can take loud action by making a public complaint backed with evidence from Eurostat showing that EBRD ‘investments’ in Putin’s banks are fake and serve to cover up looting. Then the EBRD will collapse immediately.

I’ll be overjoyed if Malta takes sensible action, quietly or loudly. The EBRD fraud grows every year and Malta will be wise to get out. Malta can make a better future for itself, for Latvia and Lithuania, for the European Union, and for Ukraine which is right now being pressured by the EBRD to reverse back fake bank investments at huge profits for the EBRD and huge losses for Ukraine. The EBRD has been funding the big three KGB dictators (Putin of Russia, Lukashenko of Belarus, Aliyev of Azerbaijan) for years while claiming to be ‘fostering democracy’ and Malta can help end this destructive hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, enjoy the ‘KGB Banker’ thriller!

‘KGB Banker,’  is the

Winner of “Best Conspiracy Thriller of 2022” and “Royal Dragonfly Best Novel of 2022”

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  1. Very interesting, and I will buy the book; however, I think it must be pointed out to your readers that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is an international institution, not a European Union (EU) one. The EU does have a development bank, but this is called the European Investment Bank (EIB), and its members are solely the 27 states that make up the EU.

    On the other hand, the EBRD is a London-headquartered institution originally intended to develop the economies (and hopefully democratise) the former Communist countries of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Now, it has members from every continent in the world, with its largest shareholder being the United States and the latest shareholder being Algeria.

    Pointing all this out is important because readers may look at the name of the EBRD and wrongfully conclude that Malta has unknowingly been “funding the three big KGB dictators” and “Putin’s money laundering” (to use John Christmas’s words) courtesy of its membership of the EU, possibly raising concerns about whether Malta should have ever joined the EU.

    Although Malta is indeed a member of the EBRD, it has been since 1991, so Malta’s membership of this institution has nothing to do with the 2004 accession of the EU. That said, the EU as a whole also holds a small share in the EBRD, so a member of the EU which is not officially a member of the EBRD would indirectly still be contributing a bit to the EBRD.

    I think this clarification is needed because the blog post uses the word ‘Europe’ (and its derivatives) very liberally, possibly giving the mistaken impression that the European Commission (an EU institution) has some great powers over the EBRD, or even that the EU owns the EBRD outright, which it does not.

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