Malta’s position on the Russian invasion of Ukraine has moved in the correct position

Malta’s position on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is correct and marks a radical change from its previous position as held by the previous Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo that peace talks should be held “without preconditions”. Prime Minister Robert Abela had also refrained from calling on Russian troops to leave Ukraine and also referred to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the “Ukrainian conflict”.

Malta’s position has matured and has now moved to the correct position. The most fundamental and basic principle for peace is the withdrawal of all Russian forces from Ukraine. The idea that peace talks should take place whilst conceding to a territorial occupation by an aggressor is a contorted principle of oppression that flies against any basic international legal and political framework. Those pushing forward the latter message are promoting a pro-Russian settlement whereby Ukraine has to concede to territorial losses on the basis of a Russian-conditioned peace.

Malta wants peace talks, but Russian forces must leave Ukraine first – Borg


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