Joseph Muscat is being investigated and monitored by US federal authorities

I can confirm that Joseph Muscat’s trips abroad are being monitored by the US federal authorities. Joseph Muscat was already a person of interest to US federal authorities but federal authorities including the Sec are now investigating his activities after Ram Tumuluri submitted a whistleblower deposition to the Sec on the fraudulent public hospitals deal.

Ram Tumuluri, who has a very colourful history of fraud, is the main person who brokered and fronted the fraudulent Vitals deal with Joseph Muscat as Prime Minister. He has recently made a whistleblower deposition to the Sec, undoubtedly to cover himself and his actions, but he is being very helpful to the US authorities to uncover several important details of the investigation.

Joseph Muscat may be charged in the US under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act if it is found that he worked or acted as an agent on behalf of an American public company abroad – even working for its subsidiaries would be enough to indict him. Joseph Muscat received bribes from subsidiaries connected to Steward International and Steward is being accused of being a front of Medical Properties Trust, a publicly-listed US company.

Meanwhile, in Malta, despite extensive evidence of Joseph Muscat’s and Konrad Mizzi’s corruption, our police commissioner, Angelo Gafa keeps protecting and covering up for them. It’s going to be terribly humiliating for Malta if the US authorities eventually arrest Joseph Muscat before the local authorities do. Robert Abela and his servant Angelo Gafa are very unaware of the extensive damage they are doing to Malta’s reputation. Robert Abela and Angelo Gafa are placing Malta’s image and reputation into the gutter of Banana Republics.

We need the adults in the room ASAP.

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