Did Yorgen Fenech fund Robert Abela’s leadership campaign?

Robert Abela’s campaign for Labour leader was very substantial. Volunteers making calls, social media advertising, meetings, events, and more. Most of this is never declared as is custom in Maltese politics.

Knowing that Yorgen Fenech feared having Chris Fearne as Prime Minister, it would be pertinent to ask whether Yorgen Fenech or Tumas Group funded Robert Abela’s leadership campaign. Yorgen Fenech would have wanted to make sure that Chris Fearne doesn’t get elected at all costs.

We also know for a fact that Robert Abela’s leadership campaign was boosted by Joseph Muscat – actually, his wife Michelle who called and spoke to delegates and members to vote for Robert Abela.

Robert Abela may be blackmailed by Joseph Muscat, but Abela is not just fearful of this. Robert Abela is genuinely and willingly supporting Joseph Muscat’s network and allowing it to grow again.

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