2023 may set new heat records in Europe once again


It is scary to know that the general public and politicians alike are not taking the threats of climate change very seriously. Europe may yet again face record-breaking heat records this year and exceed last year’s records. A record of 15,000 people also died in Europe last year due to the heat.

In Malta, the debate on climate change is totally absent when it should be a crucial factor in our planning policies and that’s how we are supposed to build an urban framework and infrastructure that makes our lives in Malta easier during the Summer. Anyone who uses public transport knows what a nightmare can it be to commute in Summer to and from work.

On the other hand, if Malta had a respectable leader and government, on the world stage Malta would have taken a strong position on climate. Malta as a small island is very vulnerable to climate change and it should be able to take a stand on the international stage to lobby polluting nations to cut greenhouse emissions. Of course, we would only be able to take a stand on the global stage if we had a respectable leader and Prime Minister.

Small nation-states are paying the price for the pollution of big countries. We share this world together and it is only fair and just that we ask our neighbors to stop polluting the common areas. Of course, no one is going to listen to us if our leader has the IQ of a rat and is publicly known to form part of a criminal organisation.


  1. It’s convenient to believe the conspiracy theorists and nutjobs who still maintain that climate change is a myth. They’re out in full force on Facebook.

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