A letter to the Prime Minister by a Valletta resident

Taken from Arnold Cassola’s Twitter feed. This is a letter to the Prime Minister by a Valletta resident on the noise situation in the city as a result of Robert Abela’s decision to allow bars and restaurants to keep playing music in Valletta until 4 am. Valletta mayor Alfred Zammit is also a restaurant owner. Robert Abela’s sister-in-law, Alison Zerafa Civelli even patronised Valletta residents by telling them that “thanks to Labour the city is now decent enough to visit”.

Labour is literally ruining our country and destroying people’s lives in real-time, minute by minute and hour by hour. Apart from ruining the lives of the city’s residents, the government will be ruining the business atmosphere in the city by creating hostility between the restaurant owners and the residents. A toxic mix of rent-seeking and jungle rules is ever becoming more common in different parts of the island.

We are governed by imbeciles who are turning Malta into a third-world country.


  1. “Maltese population is of a record-breaking stupidity” – I fully understand the plight of this lady. What we loosely term as the Maltese population being stupid is really a compulsive obsession with money. For the Maltese to vote Labour out in the next election, economic catastrophe needs to hit a good 30% of the voting pool.

    The Maltese Islands have become an overcrowded, noisy, filthy and polluted place to live in. Those who live in their mansions must know that they are not immune to the degrading of Maltese society. Their only option will be to emigrate.

    Good luck to this person. Keep being resilient in the face of adversity.

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