Wanted: Project Green

More arable land is to be destroyed in Żurrieq for a project which was opposed by 1500 residents. Miriam Dalli, the Minister for Energy who is in charge of Project Green has remained silent on the application. Her job is not to actually make sure that we conserve green land, but to prepare to become Labour Party leader as she runs a theatrical show called Project Green with her consultant, Stevve Ellul.

One of the things we are desperate for in Maltese politics is to have politicians who actually have positions and provide principled leadership on important issues. Labour politicians are not allowed to conjure a position of their own so they all have to go along with Robert Abela’s myth that planning policies can’t be changed because they were changed sometime in 2006 by a Nationalist government. This is genius equivalent to Baldrick’s.

Labour’s politics consists of a very long litany of lies and fraud and the country is all the poorer and less greener for it. No one in Labour will feel compelled to speak out and begin a political process to actually change planning politics, so instead they parrot Robert Abela’s stupid remarks and keep to themselves in their little bubbles, like Miriam Dalli with Project Green. Project Green will change nothing, and that’s why it’s a big deal for Miriam Dalli while what actually matters is being willfully and conveniently ignored.

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