Simon Mercieca is sick and demented

Simon Mercieca, a disinformation propogandist on Yorgen Fenech's team.

Why would a failed academic like Simon Mercieca get paid by Yorgen Fenech to play a part in his sickening disinformation campaign? It’s not just about the money, it’s also because this man has a level of sickness in his mind that needs professional attention. Probably it’s a narcissistic disorder and the man having a low IQ has to resort to saying outrageous and sickening things to gain attention.

Simon Mercieca is apparently breaking the law by publishing material from the case’s evidence, so I suppose the police commissioner will investigate him for breaking the law. Simon Mercieca is being passed on information from criminals in prison, and Yorgen Fenech of course, met Yorgen Fenech’s mother Patricia several times and is also accepting payment for his disinformation services. He is blaming everyone for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, including her family except for Yorgen Fenech, and is saying that Yorgen Fenech is being framed.

This man is sick and demented. He is also a lecturer at the Department of History at the University of Malta.


  1. when Alex Jones made those false claims on the Sandy Hook School shooting he ended up bankrupt and desperately scampering like the weasel that he is trying to hide his money.

    In Malta unfortunately the same cannot be done for this weasel. Or can it?

  2. Hey Mark Camilleri! I am Simon Mercieca and I an not nuts I have very reliuble sources to back this up. Speaking of backing up you’d better do the the same because you’re just wrong. I am an expert on me and you clearly are not, so just put a sock in it. I am right because I can type an leave pixels shaped as letturs on my blof. So ther. You probably smel.

    • Jigifieri jekk jien naqlibha lill-mara jfisser li nkun ikkummissjonajt l-assassinju taghha jew ghandi nkun suspettat? Int ghandek skorfina mill-kbar nieqsa u l-gudizzju mnejjek tieghek jimpingi fuq l-Università ta’ Malta. L-artiklu tieghek mhuwiex fl-interess tal-Unkversità

      • Leonard, I think that is a sarcastic comment intended to make fun of Simon Mercieca, written by someone other than the academic. At least I hope it is. I would expect a university lecturer to, at a minimum, know how to spell.

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