Why work for the State when I can get rich working for the Mafia?

So, wonder boy Charles Mercieca, who got a job with the Attorney-General only to defect with Yorgen Fenech soon after, will soon start his quest to look for other clients as Giannella De Marco, Malta’s most popular criminal lawyer to Malta’s worst villains will be taking over Yorgen Fenech’s case for the trial by jury.

Currently, Yorgen Fenech’s case is handled by Charles Mercieca and Gianluca Caruana Curran who is Giannella’s son. Charles and Gianluca are paid €25,000 each every month to represent Yorgen Fenech, while Giannella De Marco is going to be paid an advance of €500,000 and another €500,000 if Yorgen is acquitted.


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