Lilu’s interesting friends and connections

So, Muhammed “Lilu il-King”, the actual name being Muhammed al-Misrati, has a very interesting selection of friends associated with the Labour Party. Lilu has been in the news recently on charges of money laundering, but he is actually a very known drug trafficker and criminal gang leader in Libya. One of his associates was a Libyan embassy official who helped him import drugs.

Previously when Joseph Muscat was Prime Minister, Lilu had a connection with the Office of the Prime Minister both through Robert Abela and Neville Gafa whom he used to meet at Pasucci’s cafeteria in Paceville. Pasucci is owned by Diane Izzo, Michelle Muscat’s best friend.

Lilu also has a connection with, Darren Casha who is the infamous owner of the More Supermarkets, often seen hanging around with Lino Farrugia and Konrad Mizzi’s friend. Darren, who manages Medasia (owned by his father), is in business with Lilu as Lilu has some sort of shisha outlet in Medasia. Lilu’s outlets are for money laundering purposes and he personally spends thousands of money every month in them to launder his drug money.

It’s also interesting how Lino Farrugia and his son Darren are associated with many villains most of them with strong connections with the Labour Party.

Neville Gafa with Joseph Muscat


Darren Casha and Lino Farrugia
Lino Farrugia with Lilu

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