Why Joseph Muscat is attacking Chris Fearne

As Joseph Muscat and Yorgen Fenech ramp up their disinformation campaigns, it is good to remember why Joseph Muscat is trying to throw mud at Chris Fearne and his aides. During Labour’s leadership race that saw Robert Abela elected as Party Leader and Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat initially approached Chris Fearne to trade his support against immunity from the law. Chris Fearne rejected the proposal outright telling him off in the process.

There is also another thing that Muscat asked Fearne. Muscat solicited Fearne to negotiate once again the Steward deal, implying directly that he was already working for their interests even as he stayed on as Prime Minister during his later days in office. Of course, Fearne didn’t even consider any of his proposals. Joseph Muscat went on to support Robert Abela who had agreed to Muscat’s demands and went on to win the leadership race.


  1. Am afraid the only language they understand is their own. Say yes and change your mind.
    What goes round comes round

  2. Mark, although you are no doubt right that Chris Fearne and his aides are the main targets, I think there is also a third: the media. Even if quickly proven as based on false or fabricated data, the campaigns against Fearne and Carmen Ciantar may prove useful in sowing seeds of doubt about reports one reads in the media. If negative stories about Fearne and Ciantar are not to be believed, why should anyone trust what is reported in the media about Joseph Muscat?

    Many people are not wise enough to distinguish between a dodgy story leaking from Pakistan and a proper investigation with solid sources carried out by serious Maltese media. They will lump media stories together as ‘untrustworthy’. That is very convenient in a disinformation campaign.

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