Torri Gardens send their reply and claim it’s not an LNG facility

Torri Gardens sent its reply regarding its proposed LNG Gas storage facility. I’m glad this could be cleared out. At face value, the permit gives a different impression and admittedly I should have made more research on this, so apologies for the mistake. Growing pains. So far, I have been producing all the content myself but eventually, the aim is to bring more contributors in. Working on it.

5th June 2023
Attn: Mr. Mark Camilleri

This statement is being made in terms of Article 15 of Chapter 579 of the Laws of Malta whereby reference is
being made to the online Article “A new gas storage facility is to be built in front of a school in Lija” dated 30th
May 2023.

The Directors of Torri Gardens Limited hereby bring to your attention that the complex formerly known as the
‘University of Malta Residence’ is being commercially operated by the company through which it provides various
residential facilities to a number of tenants.

For decades the residential complex was equipped with LNG tanks used as a primary energy source for heating
purposes. This was in line and in proportion with the energy requirements of the footprint of the whole complex.
In order to enhance the safety of the LNG energy source and to continue generating heating for the rooms at the
residence in the most environmentally friendly manner, the Company has decided to install new LNG Storage
tanks to replace what already existed in the past decades.

The installation process is following all the procedures at law and will not create any exposure to the health and
safety of any children or residents occupying the surrounding buildings. This gas system is the same one used by
businesses and households around the country who require the generation of energy through LNG. These
includes properties providing the same type of service in the vicinity of the company’s property. The said system
consists of two above ground gas tanks 2.4 metres long and 1 metre in diameter. It is therefore a small system
which has also been approved by Enemalta.

The Company is committed to retain good neighbourly relations with the community and rebuts any unfounded
allegations that may disrupt the existing good relations. Contrary to what is being portrayed the property will
not be transformed into a LNG Storage Plant. The area will remain a residential complex with a number of
sporting facilities.

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