Olaf Scholz discovers his cojones

Olaf Scholz’s initial reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was to send over to Ukraine helmets and first-aid kits. On Ukraine, Scholz made blunder after blunder, having been in the appeasement camp thinking delusionally that this war could come to a peaceful end. Since Germany’s approval to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, Scholz’s discourse and rhetoric began to change. He has surely moved from the denial stage to the acceptance stage. Now, he is no longer promoting negotiations with Putin but is in favour of absolute victory for Ukraine. Recently, he yelled back at “anti-war” protestors saying that Putin was a warmonger and a murderer. It doesn’t bother him that Germany is sending tanks to Ukraine, and most probably as well, soon he may not flinch with the idea of sending to Ukraine warplanes too.

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