The disinformation fixers of Joseph Muscat

Ramona Attard

Two disinformation fixers currently helping Joseph Muscat, on a professional basis (getting paid for it), to spread his fake stories, are the president of the Labour Party, Ramona Attard, and previous Labour Party propagandist Charlon Gouder.

Joseph Muscat thinks he is a genius hustler, still drunk and high on the confidence given to him by huge crowds and lackluster academic lackeys like Carmen Sammut. He is however quickly caught in his stupid and desperate games. It’s like when you keep digging in your hole.

Update: sorry, just to clarify, Joseph Muscat has other disinformation fixers but these are the ones that I could confirm today.

Charlon Gouder.

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  1. Thank you for all your efforts, Mark. I am sensing that things could change, not this year, not next year, but by the next general election. The tide is turning. Labour were sexy for several years. Then they hung on to power by using all their Get Out Of Jail Free cards. Those are, largely, now used up. Please keep attacking, please keep going for the jugular, and I think we stand a 50% chance of defeating them.

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