Robert Abela has been in contact with Joseph Muscat and knew in advance of Carmen Ciantar’s fake story

Prime Minister Robert Abela has shown his approval to his aides as he received the news in advance that fake stories were going to come out to discredit Carmen Ciantar and Chris Fearne. The fake stories to discredit Chris Fearne are yet to still come out. Let me be clear, that Robert Abela knew from the very beginning that these allegations were false and solely intended to damage Fearne and his aides.

Robert Abela has also been in contact with Joseph Muscat via WhatsApp until communication between them has moved via third parties. Robert is very happy that these stories are coming out as his intention is to oust Chris Fearne from the cabinet. Twice already Robert Abela tried to replace Chris Fearne as Minister of Health, but failed as the people he offered the post refused his offer. Robert Abela tried to replace Fearne during the Covid pandemic and then when he formed his new cabinet after last year’s general election.

Note that Chris Fearne, apart from being Minister for Health is also Deputy-Prime Minister. Having the Prime Minister actively working against his own deputy is awkward and definitely not good for the stability of the country.

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  1. If it’s fake news and the prime minister knew that they are fake and said nothing , we really touched the bottom of the barrel.

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