I’m going to sue EVERYONE

As Joseph Muscat becomes more desperate, he will be attempting many more stupid feats to try and save himself from eventual prosecution while damaging his enemies. Threats by Joseph Muscat will be made more frequently and the most recent one is that he will be suing anyone who wants to re-open the inquiry on his Panama company Egrant that was registered in his wife’s name.

That’s sad, for Joseph Muscat, and also shows the typical anxiety of a criminal who has been caught. “I’m going to sure EVERYONE”. Muscat is sensitive about Egrant because it was in his wife’s name, but since the company documents were signed by a mule that specifically did this kind of job, he says he was framed. Jaħasra. Joseph Muscat always and always has an alternative story to the news. The Egrant inquiry could neither confirm nor deny that Egrant was owned by Michelle Muscat, but Joseph Muscat kept insisting that the inquiry was conclusive and absolved him. It didn’t absolve him, even though it didn’t condemn him.

This is the stage where Joseph Muscat begins to unveil more of himself and who he really is. His stress is yet to peak until eventually he is arrested and begins to embrace his criminal self. This is the stage where he starts giving off Norman Stansfield vibes.



  1. Intervista manifatturata fuq Smash TV bil-palata ta’ siehbu Kuxkieri ghax hadd mill-istazzjonijiet ma ried jaghtih spazju. Muscat hu mwarrab minn kulhadd u qed ittih rasu. Issa ghandu c-cans “jissuja” lilek Mark Camilleri li qed timplika li martu f’Egrant, isa Muscat go ahead! U tajjeb “jussuja” lil Robert Aquilina li sejjahlu “Prim Korrott”.

  2. Then he is going to have to sue a lot of people. Many people want to know the truth about Egrant though it should be pretty obvious to all (except the then magistrate Aaron Bugeja) what happened here.

    So yea we need a new inquiry with terms which aren’t drawn up by Pawlu Lia. And we need a magistrate or judge to do the inquiry who is beyond reproach. Funny how Aaron Bugeja was appointed as judge soon after.

    To conclude that signatures on the documents were a forgery was being “naive” as to the process which is typical in this industry especially by those corporates dishing out offshore companies like pastizzi. For them to be a true forgery the person whose name was used would have called foul. But she didn’t because it was part of her job description that her name would be used. It would have been impossible for her to sign the tens of thousands of documents her name was on. There is no doubt in my mind that Egrant was Michelle Muscat’s. So sue me too Joseph. Why Karl Cini continues to get away with not spilling the beans beats me. He’s also not safe until he does.

    • Muscat is no saint. But he is no idiot too. He fights the Egrant allegation tooth and nail because he knows that no one will be able to solve the mystery behind it. Twix, you attack magistrate bugeja because he could not find evidence Egrant was Michelle’s. But nor did he rule it out. Of course he could not, once that company’s shares were issued to bearer. Anyone could have been its owner. That is why Brian Tonna kept saying that Egrant was his. But make no mistake. We are no idiots too and know something was very wrong. Yet it was not Bugeja’s fault that the owner was not disclosed. The impossibility to get to the bottom of it was done purposely, by design by Tonna and Cini, who did not spill the beans despite them being in the proverbial shit. They did not even speak before PAC. And yet Bugeja’s conclusions were confirmed twice- by magistrate Ian Farrugia’s Pilatus inquiry- who despite the 7million euro spent could not trace the payments DCG said went from the Alyevs to Egrant through Pilatus Bank. Nor were Egrant traces found in Pilatus too. Some want this inquiry to be re-opened. Yes why not. There could be another US route. But remember Egrant had pursued that route and it came to a dead end. And even the US authorities confirmed that – they prohibited Casco and Konrad from entering US soil due to their dealings, yet till now, they let Muscat free to enter US territory. Very telling. So probably Egrant was a smokescreen for something much bigger. Hence Muscat’s confidence with it. Twix, instead of smearing the integrity of magistrate bugeja or whoever in judiciary, you should direct your anger towards those who devise these schemes instead of those who thanklessly try to sift in the bogs, muds and fogs of this murky corrupt political and financial services world.

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