Carmen Ciantar’s story is fake and is being spread by Joseph Muscat and his criminal associates

I can confirm with authority that Carmen Ciantar’s story that she received bribes is fake and is being spread to the Pakistani press by Joseph Muscat and his criminal associates.

The reason why I didn’t reject the story at first is because I know Carmen Ciantar a bit from the world of backroom politics. She is sleazy, yes, but I don’t think she is corrupt, and the story about her taking bribes from the VGH Group is fake.

One of the papers spreading the story has government-paid Russian propagandists as its columnists and journalists.

There will be more fake stories coming out against Chris Fearne in the coming days.

I want to make it clear that in order to do my work right, I haven’t been in contact with Chris Fearne during the past few days.


  1. I consider Carmen Ciantar a worm but I didnt believe this story. As soon as I read it, I researched Glotal Finance, the Panama company which is alleged to have received the funds.

    The company was incorporated in March 2008, a date which does not make sense in the grand scheme of things. It would have made more sense had it been incorporated post-2013. The company was liquidated in 2020.

  2. My first thought was Steward, who have the most to gain from discrediting Tumuluri – seeing that they risk losing what’s left of their tarnished and financially shaky situation stateside.

  3. Why do we consider someone who was given multiple jobs that pay more than double what the Prime Minister earns without a public call for applications not corrupt? Our standards of what is corrupt and what is not have certainly fallen.

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