Corruption and impunity breeds more entintlement

So, yesterday, Patrick Dalli, the husband of EU Commissioner Helena Dalli and Joseph Msucat’s friend launched a tirade of insults at the judge who upheld a prison sentence for his son for selling drugs ten years ago. Remarkably, Patrick Dalli got away with contempt of court. It’s quite a privilege to be able to insult a judge in his or her courtroom and ordinary people wouldn’t dare do such a thing. After years of sleaze and impunity, the likes of Patrick Dalli will feel even more entitled.

Even Rosianne Cutajar is suddenly concerned because of course, they jailed one of their own. It’s only wrong when they are affected by it.

The reality is that the courts have handed Jean Marc Dalli a minimum prison sentence because drug trafficking’s minimum punishment is in fact, an effective prison sentence. Malta has very tough laws against drug trafficking and its prison is mostly filled with people found guilty of selling drugs.

It’s sad that we are having a debate on the morality of harsh sentences on drug dealers because the son of a prominent politician has gone to jail for selling drugs. It tells you a lot about the state of our society right now. Daniel Holmes spent ten years in prison for having five cannabis plants. I don’t remember the fat corrupt worm of Rosianne Cutajar fighting for a presidential pardon for him.


  1. Dear Rosianne. You are an MP. You are in a better position then i am to change the law. A judge abides by the laws people like yourselves pass. You didnt do anything to change this particular law. You have a higher degree of responsibility for this outcome. Fancy apologising for not doing enough to give the judge greater leeway? Like that it would not have rested on technicalities. As an aside do you have any comments as to whether we can now start insulting judges?

  2. I wonder what Nuxx will say, if one day her future child is sold/given drugs by a Dalli-type character. Somehow I don’t think she’ll be appealing for them to be let off basically scot-free.

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