I wouldn’t have resigned if the accusations were false

If I was a top government executive and someone made some very wild accusations against me that are false, I would have not resigned, not even pending investigations. Wild accusations, can be difficult to stick. Once I was accused of having a Pilatus bank account, and the person who invented the story had fed it to a major Maltese press who had then called me to verify the accusations.

Carmen Cinatar has “suspended” herself from her post meaning that she will most probably be on paid leave until investigations are pending, but who is going to investigate should be the question. The Deputy Prime Minister should call a police investigation right away if Carmen really wants to absolve herself, otherwise he may very well be accused of covering up for her.

Carmen is paid a minimum of €163,000 a year for her role in the Ministry for Health. The accusations that she has recieved bribes are sticking to her like mud given she is one of the highest paid public officials. There’s always some context as to why some accusations can easily stick to some people.


  1. More to come it seems according to the kenneth rijock website?

    We send a message to Dr. Fearne, upon whom we have recently completed an investigation: how will you hide the “Palazzo Promontorio” story, when we expose you further? We expect to publish details in the near future; stay tuned.

  2. Is paid how much again? Eur163k? This country has really gone to the dogs. This time next year we’ll be millionaires is no longer a joke.

  3. Mark, you first say:

    “Wild accusations, can be difficult to stick. ” (first paragraph).

    In the last paragraph, the very last sentence, you go head over heels and say:

    “There’s always some context as to why some accusations can easily stick to some people.”

    Should I read this piece standing on my head?

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  1. Yes, she does have an offshore account, but I can’t confirm whether she was bribed – Mark Camilleri
  2. Carmen Ciantar’s story is fake and is being spread by Joseph Muscat and his criminal associates – Mark Camilleri

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