Andrew Tate teaches men the criminal mindset

So, as part of some of my work for Protos, I have investigated Andrew Tate and eventually, I have learned a lot about him, what he teaches to his fans, and how he operates. Mostly I focused, on his crypto activities but I have watched a couple of hours of his interviews and “educational” content as well. He sells memberships to his course in crypto for which he received up to €13 million, but that’s only what we know so far. Andrew Tate is also lying about his crypto activities, and I advise readers not to trust him.

What I have found remarkable is that Andrew Tate basically teaches his fans the criminal mindset, although I am not certain Tate himself is aware of this. You can see links and quotes on his teachings on money based on his own experiences in my article and also recently in this investigation uncovering more of Tate’s business activities. There are many other quotes and clips, but for the sake of reference, here is just one excerpt where he brags about lying and defrauding clients with his camgirl business.

I think that his success is also partly due to the fact that very rarely if ever there are public persons who “teach” this mindset to others. The people who find this mindset appealing are also a demographic with higher probabilities of criminal activity: young, poor, and single men, and these basically, are his fans. It is easy to note with the likes he receives on Twitter that the vast majority of his fans are from this kind of demographic.

In fact, Andrew Tate preaches exclusively to men. This is the first characteristic of a criminal mindset and of someone who operates in the criminal world. The criminal industries are some of the most patriarchal and male-dominated industries in society, for the simple reason that violence and sheer force are methods used in the criminal industries. In a very violent industry, women have less of a chance to succeed, but there are also sociological factors that cause more men to choose criminality such as the lack of support that many men have when they are in poverty.  For example, a woman with children will be more quickly accepted into a homeless shelter than a single male. So, vulnerable men find Tate appealing for this reason because he speaks to their vulnerabilities, only that the solutions that he is giving them are wrong.

However women can also be criminals, and what makes Tate’s philosophy on life exclusively a criminal philosophy is that its core principle is based on disrespect for the law itself. This disrespect for the law is not based on legitimate political reasons, but rather on the lack of compassion and respect for your competitors in society. In society, we compete against each other for resources, but we do this according to the law and also with additional ethical standards that we uphold ourselves and personally. In this competition for resources, we are to respect each other and act by a set of rules that are known to us. The principle of the contract, both publicly and privately in our written arrangements, and so forth. Rhetorically speaking, we do not expect to be defrauded, but we do get defrauded because criminals like Andrew Tate have no respect for their competitors and fellow neighbours. For example, here is another possible case where Andrew Tate is directly lying and defrauding his audience.  Tate says he had nothing to do with the shitcoin “Sluts” but on-chain activity may tell a different story.

This is also why Tate comes off as someone with very little empathy whatsoever, especially in his “teachings”. His anti-social personality and sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies are also conducive to the radical fascist politics he espouses: pro-Putin, pro-Ghaddafi, pro-theocratic regimes in the Gulf, and basically pro-any strongman dictator that also shares his worldview and criminal philosophy.

Tate is a bad influence in society and the kind of person our mothers warned us about. Consistently he has admitted to defrauding people and consistently as well, there is evidence that he does that. I don’t think people should give him the benefit of the doubt and listen to what he says in the hope of learning anything from him. Young men should be aware that everything he does in public is simply an act that serves his business interests. If you are thinking of paying him $5,000 to join his “university” or club or whatever he calls it now, be aware that you will be joining a forum with many other gullible losers like you who won’t be learning anything of value, let alone get rich from it.

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  1. Thank God someone is flushing these motherfuckers down the toilet. They are like cockroaches. Schools are failing, everywhere, for not teaching their pupils to be constantly alert.

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