This is how they think and speak in private

You may think that Clayton Bartolo’s comments on his parliamentary shadow were a bracket of boys’ talk in between private and serious discourse with colleagues. It wasn’t and Clayton Bartolo, the Minister of Tourism actually speaks and thinks that way. His thought process and his discourse can be summarized in bullet points such as

“Kemm ma naħmiliex lil dik.”

“Kemm idejjaqli żobbi dak.”

“Kemm int tal-ostja, man.”

“Tal-ġenn, Prim, naqbel.”

“Imnella hem il-Labour fil-gvern, għax kieku immur bil-ġuħ.”

“Tajba din, togħġobni.”

“Ma nafx, aħjar insaqsu lil Prim.”

“Kemm hu tajjeb għalik?”

And most of his colleagues are no different. They have the intelligence of a goldfish and the character of snakes.


  1. In other countries such a pathetic remark would have led to heads rolling. This is serious to say the least. Politicians should set an example. But there you go. That’s Malta under Labour. 3rd effing World. Zero standards. Svizzera fil Mediterran? We don’t even come close.

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