Who is Mohammed Lilu?

Yesterday, Mohammed Lilu was arrested on charges of money laundering. There is an interesting article here that connects him to smuggling networks. Mohammed Lilu is a Libyan national living in Malta who owns several establishments in Malta’s entertainment hub, Paceville including this place called Middle East Muse. People have been fascinated by his Instagram account where he showcases his friends, wealth, and even business partners.

I have known for some time about Mohammed Lilu because I was aware of ongoing investigations on him, however, investigations took longer than expected mostly because of a reluctance from the police to take action on him. Mohammed Lilu seems to have a connection with Prime Minister Robert Abela and was probably also one of his clients, but I could not confirm this. What I am told for certain is that he does have a connection with him. Robert Abela has a set of connections and business dealings with some of Malta’s most popular hard criminals.

What I could also confirm is that Mohammed Lilu has a very large drug import operation in Malta whereby he imports drugs from the Netherlands and Libya. He began his career as a smuggler during Libya’s civil war and today deals with a single Maltese person on a wholesale level to whom he sells his products. He is also in business with this person photographed below, but I could not confirm his identity, yet. In separate photos, he is seen with Lino Farrugia (tal-options), Rosianne Cutajar’s father-in-law.

Mohammed Lilu is in business with the person on the left but I could not confirm his identity.


Lino Farrugia

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