What’s wrong with the Drug Squad?

Recently, the Malta Independent published an article about the Police’s Drug Squad where its head argued that the Drug Squad never has enough resources to shut down the industry. This is obvious, though, and not something particular to Malta. the war on drugs is a permanent affair as long as there is market demand, and there will most probably, always be.

The Drug Squad is the most zealous police department, and this makes sense because it is one of the least political departments, contrary to the Financial Crimes Unit which has a history of resignations and political cover-ups. Indeed, their determination in their work is easily noted because the Drug Squad rarely makes mistakes which favour their suspects, unlike for example the Homicide Squad which recently botched up the murder case of Sion Grech.

So, my question is why would the Drug Squad fail to prevent the exponential growth of drug businesses of people like Muhammed Lilu and Christian Borg? What’s preventing them to take action when these criminals build their empires despite the fact these criminals are widely known to many people? I find this strange.


  1. Might they be protected by a political head in Government whose in business with them and stops all police taking action against them? : )

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