Festivals Malta: Viva l-Labour club

Aaron Zahra

So, at least two senior officials from Festivals Malta have resigned, but not CEO Annabelle Stivala as has been reported. Annabelle Stivala withdrew her resignation soon after. Aaron Żahra, a Labour bażużlu with no experience whatsoever in the culture industry has recently been made chairman of Festivals Malta. Aaron is being rewarded for supporting Robert Abela in his leadership campaign. Originally, Aaron started as a customer care representative in the Ministry of Tourism back when Karmenu Vella was still minister.

Of course, Festivals Malta is just another Labour Party club. One of the officials who resigned is being replaced by the daughter of a newly appointed executive in the same entity. So, basically, Caroline Agius is taking the role of a marketing executive at Festivals Malta while her father, Frans Agius, who works in the same entity, will be taking the role of Head Festivals, a role equivalent to an assistant director. Frans Agius is a Labour Party member and supporter.

Malta’s public cultural institutions are turning into Labour Party clubs by which to distribute funds and jobs to friends, Party donors, members and supporters. All the professionals are leaving or have already left. Working in a public cultural institution is a problem because your superiors have no idea and are all inept, or simply totally corrupt. Then as an artist, producer or businessman, it is a nightmare to operate when the government is constantly favouring your competitors and distorting the local economies with public funds and rampant rent-seeking.

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