Labour is moving ahead with a fascist media law that Robert Abela said he had repealed

Jonathan Attard

Robert Abela pledged to change his proposed fascist media law before presenting it in parliament again, but today, the Minister for Justice, and the previous ONE hack, Jonathan Attard has just presented Labour’s fascist media bill for a second reading in parliament. This means that the bill will now go to a committee stage.

Robert had pledged to scrap the bill and propose something new, but the reality is that Robert has been dividing and conquering the press in a petty game of deceit with his pseudo-consultation committee. Now, Labour is trying to move the same bill in parliament as society is busy discussing other matters.

There has been no meaningful debate about media reform, yet. The press has so far failed to provide its proposals and the government is taking advantage of this situation by demanding a carte blanche: Labour wants to disarm the press and control it in its entirety.

Labour’s proposed media law will introduce a military committee that will spy on journalists, the absolute and universal right to privacy.  and will also recognize foreign SLAPP cases on local journalists.

Labour’s proposed law is a direct attack on the press and free speech and the next government should make it a point that its first reform is to repeal this fascist law so as to symbolize a new era when we officially stop the downturn to authoritarianism and once again begin reconstructing our liberal-democracy.

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  1. Has the Opposition kicked up a fuss about this and I missed it, or has the Opposition not opposed at all?

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