The Nationalist Party really needs to get serious

Most of the Nationalist Party MPs are either oblivious to what’s happening in society or else complacent to the extent of being corrupt and compromised like most Labour MPs. And what do PN MPs think they’re doing by pandering to their conservative base with this nonsense?

According to the latest polls, the Leader of Opposition, Bernard Grech can’t make any inroads while the segment of undecided and non-voters retains a massive one-third of the electorate. Clearly, there’s a majority against the Labour government but no united opposition

Bernard Grech can’t expect to achieve a different result unless he makes some radical changes to the Party and how the Party thinks of itself in terms of an alternative government. And unless the Nationalist Party bridges the gap between its conservative base and the young and more liberal voters waiting on the sidelines, PN will achieve the same result.

Yet, not many PN MPs seem to be doing an effort whilst some are indulging in nonsense such as about dogs getting high. Those who should know better like Mario de Marco have succumbed to lethargy, but probably he is still embarrassed with how his best friend Adrian Hillman wrecked his printing press and the Times with it. Then there are outright corrupt and opportunistic PN members like Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami whose public conflict of interests and sheer opportunism are apparently tolerated by the leadership of PN.

It’s a bit strange that PN is able to oust its own leader but then allows this lethargy and opportunism among its members. Maybe, the leader himself is getting too complacent and lethargic too. When even basic discipline is lacking and your MPs are busy indulging in borderline-parody material, you need to ask yourself, what’s going on? And if you aren’t, you are most probably on the wrong side of the thinking process.

It’s only a matter of time before someone eventually fills the gap of the undecided voters and PN needs to get really serious if it intends to be the one to fill this gap. PN should not make a similar error of judgment Labour is doing on its future. Robert Abela and the Labour Party genuinely believe they will remain in power forever, but this is delusion at best and at worst pure insanity. PN can’t take it for granted that voters will simply switch to it out of desperation and needs to pro-actively build an alternative government that unites the whole opposition spectrum. It can start doing so when it takes matters much more seriously.


  1. Well, well Mark. How has it escaped your notice that the entire Maltese administration is manipulated by an underhanded PLPN establishment? If we want INTEGRITY to be our standard, the hidden PLPN establishment can only be described as the scum of the earth. Uprooting those deep PLPN roots may seem to be a huge challenge – unless more NGOs like Repubblika, Graffitti, Occupy Justice grow stronger and flourish.
    Voting for PN is putting new wine in old bottles. No dramatic changes. Just a tamed version of the same corruption. The roots of key PN tribes, PN families and key PN individuals are too dramatically entangled with the roots of key PL tribes, PL families and key PL individuals.
    To some extent, having two main party political platforms is just a BIG SHOW.

  2. PN is not just fatally clinging to old dead policies but its still holding on to its tradition of electing and supporting multi generation family members of some once popular politician. Fenech Adamis, DeMarcos, Mifsud Bonnicis. And how about that completely useless lump Calascione who never actually managed to even get noticed in each and every public election he contested but raised to top levels within the party.

    If the system was not so well rigged to favour a duopoly especially with respect to party funding PN would be extinct by now.

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