Why the Labour Party has no historians

Excluding Ray Mangion, the desperate sexual predator who would jump on any bandwagon passing by in fear of being left in the dust of irrelevance, the Labour Party is currently bereft of historians and the reason is obvious. No sane and rational historian, unless desperate, would ever risk their career and integrity to obfuscate Labour’s current history into something positive. Only a well-paid Labour apparatchik and academic like Vice-Rector Carmen Sammut would dare do something like that and only by virtue of the safety of her political appointment at the University. It’s like when Westerners work for RT – only the most desperate would tarnish their reputation for the rest of their lives to do so. Ironically, Carmen is not even a historian and just like RT, Labour’s access to propagandists and employees is restricted to the most incompetent.

The Labour Party today has a similar problem it had in the 1980s, it is rife with criminality and operates primarily as a criminal organisation, it governs without an absolute majority, and just like before it is trying to take full control of public and state institutions. The little rule of law that is left is thanks to civil society and the Opposition which serve as a barrier to the Labour government’s take-over of public institutions. Labour’s take-over of public institutions is aggravated as a historical crime because it is not ideologically-driven, but merely part of the overall criminal operations of the Labour Party. The banality of evil is impressive, and even today, sometimes I am impressed with the banality of what used to be many of my previous friends.

It’s going to be a very tough job for Carmen Sammut and Dominic Fenech to explain to the general public what’s the point of the Labour government of today as it sends out theatrical €100 cheques to gloss over the soaring poverty rate.  And it’s going to be even harder to explain how the leader of the Labour Party is covering-up and protecting his predecessor who defrauded the country more than half a billion Euros over the public hospitals’ fraud. Hard will it also be for historians to explain how the Labour government has kept doing business with the corruption-laden Electrogas consortium which was after all the cause of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

What a tragic farce. After all of this blows over, expect all of the cowards and opportunists in the Labour Party to come to terms with their gross error of judgment in supporting and facilitating all of this dirt by repeating Varist’s refrain “We didn’t agree with it, we were just surviving”. Yes, right. More like “Kulħadd jitħanżer”.

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