They think like criminals not like politicians

There is a very interesting feature in the Times of Malta today where Labour politicians are asked about what they think about how the Party is handling its past and the corrupt legacy of Joseph Muscat. The answers are incredibly telling of the mindset of Labour politicians, and basically, Labour politicians show no concern whatsoever for the state of the country and society in general, neither do they have any concern towards the health of the economy and the government. The Times has also confirmed my story that there is a growing current within Labour that wants to see Robert Abela out.

Instead of being concerned about the extensive financial, social and economic damage made to the country by Labour’s corrupt legacy, the rampant impunity that is increasing criminal culture, and the outright fraudulent way by which politics is being conducted, Labour’s top politicians are instead worried about themselves. They are worried that they will have to put up with a lot of criticism and that their work is not being appreciated. Jaħasra. One of them told the Times that he is working very hard. Miskin.

Apparently, someone even told the Times that the Labour Party is managing the case of Joseph Muscat’s hospitals fraud really well. This is something that Randolph Debattista would say because Randolph would say that the Labour Party is doing a good job even if the Party is lining us up to get shot. As a corrupt fixer who helped the Party launder funds to sustain its failing ONE operation, Randolph is the type who would pontificate on the right virtues but would then do anything for the Party while absolving himself from any responsibility for his actions just like corrupt fixers who say “I was just doing my job.”

None of them wants to take any responsibility. It’s all just a game for them played with exclusive and clear personal interests and aims. Now, they are deluding themselves that the Labour Party has some sort of “vision” for the country while the Nationalist Party doesn’t. Hilarious. The Labour Party isn’t even capable of discussing politics internally with a paranoid and criminal leader who can’t tell the difference between a liberal democracy and a feudal state. They want to delude themselves that they are the better choice because despite being a criminal organisation, they have a “political vision”. Very precious vision it is, next thing you know they will be selling “political visions” on Ebay when the country gets back to normal and all these idiots register for employment.

Surveys have once again confirmed that the Labour Party is enjoying only one-third of the electorate’s support.

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