Governing the country is like a joke or a game for Labour

One would expect that a government would ensure and strive for secure and safe roads. The Labour government does the opposite. It reduced the punishment for road deaths and made a mockery out of the Road Safety Council by appointing a Formula 1 enthusiast as its chair. It didn’t appoint a road safety expert who is a formula 1 enthusiast. Pierre Vella is a sports journalist and a Formula 1 enthusiast who spent a career writing about Formula 1 in the press. He also received around €48,000 a year for his role for a number of years. He’s also a fan of the Malta Classic Car Grand Prix of course, which is quite fitting of him to be unfit for the role given such an event would, I assume, according to my common sense, go against the principles of road safety.

Mhux xorta?


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