Going to prison for slaughtering people with your car is “draconian” according to Owen Bonnici

Does anyone remember this episode where Justice Minister Owen Bonnici changed the law so that a woman convicted of killing an elderly man with her car could go be let go scot-free? He said it was Draconian for people to go to prison for slaughtering people with their cars.

One of the things that Labour took away from the Maltese is their peace and quiet at night, and now it’s road safety. The collapse in the rule of law has to be holistic. So, once again, before the Prime Minister puts the blame on all the judiciary, he should take a look at the law and ensure that the law is there to protect us.

In recent years, most of the cases involving traffic deaths have resulted in gross miscarriages of justice, as was the case of Johanna Boni, for example. What’s worst are the cases of third-country nationals who are mostly ignored and eventually forgotten, just as happened with the case of Ajay Shrestha. The lives of third country-nationals have no value in Malta, especially if they are killed by the Maltese themselves.

Is the Labour government rectifying the situation? They don’t care. Blame it on the judiciary and move on.

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