The total cost of Joseph Muscat’s public hospitals fraud: €456 million

The National Auditor’s report on Joseph Muscat’s public hospitals fraud makes a very interesting read. According to the National Auditor, the total cost of Joseph Muscat’s public hospitals fraud between 2016 and 2021 is €456 million. So that means that Joseph Muscat gained just above 0.1% in kickbacks from the deal but this is still in the lower range of what would be a typical 1% commission. Is there more that we don’t know of?

The report gives a detailed account of how Joseph Muscat pro-actively supported and asked the cabinet and his fellow ministers to support the fraudulent deals at times even going as far as to provide concessions to Vitals against the advice of his own government.

I don’t understand how and why the national auditor would omit the names of government officials. This is very inappropriate as the public deserves to know the full truth, including the public officials who facilitated this great fraud. Those who did nothing wrong would have nothing to fear.

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