More money shuffling by Konstantin Ishkhanov

Konstantin Ishkhanov

Konstantin Ishkhanov, the Russian oligarch and owner of the European Foundation for Support of Culture seems to like shuffling his money around by familiar sources which may very well be his own same hand.

Here, in the list of the recipients of donations given by Maltese passport buyers under their purchase obligations, we can find Konstantin’s own foundation as a recipient of €10,000. Konstantin Ishkhanov is a buyer of a Maltese passport. There’s also a donation to the Russian Maltese Circle of €4,000 which is strange since this organisation is not a charity.



  1. Also

    Can Natalis Notabilis explain why they cancelled their event as the funds finished, when, in 2021 they received €121,400.00?

    Why is the Film Commission deemed as a worthy recipient?

    Why is the MPO deemed as a worthy recipient?

    Why is the Manoel Theatre deemed as a worthy recipient?

    Why is the President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society listed as having received funds when it was disbanded after MLCP left Office?

  2. The Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society is not disbanded… it is still in operation as a pseudo-NGO with a email address, probably at a gov address. She didn’t mismanage enough Community Chest Fund money, she had to create her own “NGO” so as not to miss out.

    NGOs that have to actually work to pay rent, pay salaries and actually provide services for the vulnerable (as opposed to political patronage) have to contend with this environment, shrinking funds available and an increasingly hostile government.

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