Time to begin asking questions to Michael Stivala

So, Michael Stivala, this lying and rent-seeking buffon, who most recently was on the news for his bullying tactics, once told us that he hired Joseph Muscat because Muscat is a genius. Recently, he also tried to bully environmental NGOs by making false claims on them that they are funded by his competitors. Stivala is chairman of the Stivala Group of Companies and head of the Malta Developers Association. Amongst other controversial projects, he is currently trying to build an 11-storey hotel in a residential area in Gżira.

Joseph Muscat has taken up to €540,000 in payments from the same fraudsters he sold Malta’s public hospitals to when he was Prime Minister, so we should begin questioning Joseph Muscat’s contracts and deals post-premiership. First, we should ask what did Michael Stivala and his companies receive in terms of government funding and permits under Muscat’s administration and then proceed to understand why Michael Stivala has this close affinity with Muscat.


  1. This man was a pioneer in hiring cheap TCN labour.
    Especially from Egypt.
    A trendsetting exercise he continued with unrelenting vigour.
    And, eh, pride.

  2. “………….why Michael Stivala has this close affinity with Muscat.” – Simply because they are two of a kind, liars, thieves, buffoons and blood-suckers!

  3. You seem to forget that the Gzira Mayor did not put any resistance to Stivala and to what he did and is doing to Gzira. The mayor is now the new darling of the environmentalists and the left. Says a lot about the judgement of these groups.

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