The noise pollution pandemic under the Labour government

With the collapse of the rule of law comes the collapse of order and quality of life as the little things get taken away from you. Malta is becoming a 24-hour party zone because Robert Abela’s idea of the economy is that it runs mostly on restaurants.

For ordinary people who live in the towns and the suburbs and don’t have a secluded villa in the countryside in Robert Abela’s style, peace and quiet are becoming a rare privilege. This is not of concern for Robert and his band of merry friends, and in fact, Robert’s sister-in-law, Alison Zerafa Civelli even applauded the virtues of noise pollution in parliament, mainly for its gentrification benefits to the poor.

They are turning Malta into a dumpster.

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  1. Not to mention Gianpula and Numero Uno every godforsaken weekend, music can be heard through closed double glazing from a km away … I bought earplugs that are going to ruin my eardrums but hey, its better than not sleeping.

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