The family friend of Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech

This is one of the rare moments in my life when I wished that my genetic lottery resulted in an XX instead of an XY simply because I can’t tell it as it is without being accused of misogyny. I wished Daphne was here so that she could write it better than I do.


The PN politician who met Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech this year in Valletta for a casual encounter and coffee is Alex Borg, and he says, after having asked him about it, that she is a family friend and has been a friend to his mother since her days at the university. Alex Borg told me that the Magistrate likes meeting with him and this is not the first time they had met by themselves and they both enjoy each other’s company as friends.

Of course, I think that this should be public knowledge.


  1. Just got around to reading the summary of Prime Minister Robert Abela’s speech on One TV yesterday, and I am starting to believe you, Mark, when you say that Abela is starting to go insane.

    In his attack against people who demand inquiries and investigations, he chose to speak about migrants who drown at sea, not to say how saddened he is by the deaths and what Malta should do to avoid repetitions, but to further wash his hands from any responsibility and call people who dare seek justice ‘extremists’.

    It is absolutely callous to use the deaths of people in this way. Then again, we should not expect any better from the man who looks Jean Paul Sofia’s mother in the face, while she is begging him to launch a public inquiry into her son’s death, and lies to her about what inquiries are and are not. While he grandstands about youths being violent in Valletta and about how the courts should treat motorists who cause traffic accidents, life becomes increasingly cheap for Abela if it dares threaten his grip on power. It is frightening to have a prime minister who thinks this way.

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