Something is brewing and it’s not good for Robert Abela and the Labour Party

Police Commissioner, Angelo Gafa

Last Friday Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa was called for an urgent meeting at the Ministry of Interior. The meeting came days after the Nationalist Party requested the Police to investigate the fraudulent Vitals Deal and its perpetrators.

There is something brewing which is not going to fare well for Robert Abela and the Labour Party. It is also the reason why Robert Abela has recently been lashing out at the Opposition accusing them of terrorism for seeking police investigations on the fraudulent Vitals Hospital Deal.

Things are going to get messy, but I am told that since the situation is sensitive I should not be writing so much.

Malta is at risk of falling deeper into authoritarianism as the Labour Party is closing ranks.


  1. As long as you are not within reach of those who stand to loose by your writings I would make you opinions known. It’s a dirty business be careful all the same.

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