Judge me by the people who block me

I am happy to announce the Twitter Hall of Shame. The frauds, grifters and politicians who blocked me. Allow me to give you a roundup.


This is the pro-Russian account of an ex-US Navy officer, Sarah Bils. She blocked a series of pro-Ukraine accounts as soon as she launched her pro-Russian profile and apparently, I was on her list.



This is Krissy Mashinksy, wife of Alex Mashinsky who owned the bankrupt crypto-exchange, Celsius. The exchange was a Ponzi scheme that blew up and left tens of thousands of users without their money. I interacted with Krissy Mashinsky when she replied to a comment I made on Celsius. If my memory serves me right, I then replied to her tweet by asking her how much money she and her husband took from their failed crypto exchange. She blocked me soon after.



This is Kim Dotcom, who is being sought by the US Justice Department for facilitating copyright infringement with his website Megaupload. Kim is fighting an extradition request by the Us Department of Justice in New Zealand. He is pro-Russian and anti-West and spends his time on Twitter spreading Russian talking points. He blocked many pro-Ukrainian accounts and I have never interacted with him.


This is another pro-Russian propagandist who lives in Australia. I retweeted one of her tweets but other than that I never interacted with her.





Malta’s Minister of the Economy. It is obvious why he would block and I do think I may have made fun of him by interacting with him on Twitter.


How could I forget this idiot? David Sacks is a PayPal mafia member and disciple of Peter Thiel who bragged to his fellow friends about dumping more than 1 billion Dollars of Solana garbage unto unassuming retail. I never interacted with him on Twitter and he blocked a lot of people on CT and FT preemptively.



This is Tracy Shuchart who works as a markets strategist at Hilltower Resource Advisors. Her main talking point, for years on end, has always been the same. Oil is going to $300, and all commodities are going to skyrocket. She is basically a commodity bull enticing people to buy commodities most of the time, by implying that the West is going to have a major commodity crisis, and the East is going to be much better because they have commodities. Sounds ridiculous and it is because it is the same talking point of any commodity bull, and I used to make fun of her on Twitter. I find these people very grifter-like because they sell fake doomsday scenarios to an uneducated public. All of those who listened to her advice that oil was going to $300 got rekt.

This is a very toxic man and he is Alexandre Harfouche who was fired from Goldman Sachs over dubious circumstances. He has bullied young women on FinTwit and made some very bad calls for which he was ridiculed. Every decent person on FinTwit hates him. I have never interacted with him but he may have seen a comment I made about him on someone else’s feed.


Labour Party CEO, Randolph CEO. Never interacted with him on Twitter.

Chief propagandist of Robert Abela. Never interacted with him on Twitter. This guy spent most of his life reproducing and disseminating Labour Party propaganda.

More to come. I am obviously blocked by Nassim Taleb, but that should go without saying.


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