The cult of Robert Abela

Randolph Debattista

Tell me again we don’t live in an illiberal democracy.

It’s sad seeing the Labour Party stooping this low to defend rampant corruption in the country. This is Randolph Debattista, CEO of the Labour Party and also an MP, making a scathing attack on the leader of the Opposition. Randolph held a press conference simply to express a litany of insults only to then proceed about some inanities. Randolph makes no mention that a Maltese judge has condemned the Vitals deals as fraudulent. Of course, the Police Commissioner should investigate all those who fraudulently sold Malta’s public hospitals and the Nationalist Party shouldn’t be expected to ask the Police Commissioner to investigate, he should be investigating of his own volition as the law obliges.

The Labour Party is not only a criminal organisation, it is also a cult and it can operate as a criminal organization in politics for this reason. Today, the cult of Robert Abela is even stronger with the top Party brass and weaker with the masses. They aren’t able to criticise Robert in private, let alone in public, and they are all afraid of him in many different ways. There’s very little sense of camaraderie, of course, their acts in politics are mostly done in this cynical sense of never-ending transition. This is also why I wrote about Varist, yesterday. Varist too is unable to make any criticism of Robert Abela and the extensive criminal friends that Robert has been involved with and is still protecting, which is by now a normalised fact for these politicians. No one cares. They have come to accept their Party is a criminal organization and they live with it with the excuse that they can’t do anything about it. Just like Russians, so no wonder they get along with them.

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