Get ready for a new world order

I know what you are thinking. Having been impressed by all the headlines of the US Dollar collapse and the debt ceiling, Lula’s trip to Brazil, BRICS, China’s ever-growing global reach and the strength of the Yuan, OPEC and Saudi Arabia controlling the oil price, the European gas crisis…

Guess what? It’s going to be the other way around. Get ready for a new world order where the US is even stronger and more important than ever.

The Russian frontline in Ukraine is collapsing as I write and debt holders of China’s debt are dumping it to the ground. Meanwhile, there is a record number of US citizens buying US treasuries. Talk about a US Dollar collapse and the debt ceiling. Russia is turning into a gigantic Venezuela and China is pulling back from its warmongering rhetoric on Taiwan. Saudi Arabia and OPEC failed to push the oil price up and Biden is refilling the SPR.

A potential global recession will see even more global currencies fail and a further strengthening of the US Dollar.

Don’t bet against the West.


  1. Well said. Democratic civilisations have an inbuilt flexibility that adapts to storms no dictatorship no matter how nicely dressed can replicate.

  2. Mark, I think you are haplessly optimistic and you are totally wrong. There will be a new world order, but one of chaos and fragmented world.

    We are witnessing the collapse of the Western world and the implosion of the USA, just like the USSR imploded in front of our eyes in 1991.

    I wish I am wrong, but reality is different from what you are stating. there are no leaders in the West at the level of Churchill, Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, Mitterand, Reagan, and Poe John Paul.

    There is a vacuum, that China and the renegades are filling, in parallel with the implosion of the USA from within.

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