The fascism of Russians

So, yesterday, Russia celebrated its Victory Day and Russians across Europe have also held their own rallies to commemorate it. By now, and in current political conditions in Russia, Russian Victory Day is all about Russia’s greatness rather than anti-fascism. The Russians themselves have been very willing to come out to celebrate their patriotic fervour in European streets, but so far they haven’t protested against their own government or the war that their government is perpetrating against Ukrainians. Most of them sit in silence while cynically blaming the West and indulging in whataboutism. This is nothing new for us Europeans. There was a time in Europe when the majority of the Germans were genuinely Nazis and not victims of their dictator. This is also why Iranians are better than Russians because despite living under oppressive and violent brutality, they had the courage to try and save their country and themselves.

Let it be remembered that the Ukrainians are risking their lives to protect their country and their freedoms.

Russians in Europe


Russians in Russia


The only Russian tank at the Victory Parade in St. Petersburg.


Poland’s Victory Parade

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