One of the greatest deceptors is the one who distracts you while your house is being robbed

Evarist Bartolo

I had come to learn the true nature of many of my previous friends and colleagues only late in my life after I was very distant from them. And in my maturity, I learnt that many of them were and still are spineless opportunists whose political actions are guided by self-interest and straight-up opportunism. Evarist Bartolo is one of them – a man who would say the right things to the right people. He likes pretending he is principled and morally just, but at the end of the day he filled the Ministry of Education with corrupt bureaucrats. Today, he projects his ideas from his high morale ground, reminding us of his existence with his stupid platitudes.

Evarist Bartolo still dreams of becoming President so he is still trying to be active in the public sphere by recounting platitudes in his typical patronising manner. He has lately been harping repeatedly about the Italian mafia, only that he never said anything about the current mafia of today. He’s not going to explicitly talk about how the Labour Party has become a criminal organisation with the Prime Minister directly and openly protecting hardened criminals and covering up for corrupt politicians. So, meanwhile, he is trying to remind us about his supposed morality by preaching against the Italian mafia. He’s useless, spineless, shamelessly opportunistic.

The man is a fraud. He is the guy who calls you on the telephone to distract you, exactly during the time when your house is being burgled.  A deceiving and opportunistic fraud.

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